Erica Juarez-Ramos

Special Projects Paralegal


Erica Juarez-Ramos is the ESPADA Special Projects Paralegal. Every case needs certain things done — translations, evidence indexes, hard-to-get documents — Ms. Juarez is the person behind that work.

Erica has her degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Washington where she was on the Dean’s list. Erica is a native and fluent Spanish-speaker and has worked with non-profit organizations to bring services to the community, including Colectiva Legal, 21 Progress, and WA Immigrant Solidarity Network.

Why Choose Us

  • Systemized and Aggressive Litigation
  • Wide Range of Experience
  • Representing Clients Across Washington State
  • Proven Record of Success
  • Se Habla Español

Success Story


Felony Assault With a Deadly Weapon

Our client was charged with hitting an individual in the face with a machete. Witnesses stated they could hear the crack of the machete against the victim’s face. Nevertheless, charges were dismissed and our client walked away with no conviction from the incident.

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