Spokane County Jail

Espada Law Firm will soon be Espada Criminal Defense. We are a criminal defense firm that speaks English and Spanish. We represent people who are facing serious criminal charges. Our firm is also available for pretrial, it is never too early to hire us to represent...

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Finding A Lawyer For A Family Member

Finding a good lawyer for a family member. It's something most people have no experience with. They may know a tax lawyer or a divorce lawyer but they may never have needed a "criminal defense lawyer." It is a very specialized kind of practice where the stakes are...

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You will never be criticized for speaking Spanish here

We speak English. We speak Spanish. The law is supposed to be the great equalizer in society but we know it doesn't always work out that way. Especially in criminal cases. If you are investigated or arrested for a serious crime know that our attorneys can speak your...

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So which is it? VUSCA or VUCSA. In Washington State it is the law which governs violations regarding drugs. But even law firms spell it different ways. Maybe VUSCA sounds better to the ear but the law is VUCSA: Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substance Act and it...

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Clip This Post and Put It In Your Wallet Or Purse

If all you know about your rights when being stopped by the police is what you see on Live PD. Print this post. Clip this Post. Put it in your wallet or purse. Then call us to tell us about your particular case. 206.467.5987 Know your rights when stopped by the...

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What’s An Ex-Sponge-ment?

What is expungement? (not ex"sponge"ment) What does it mean to "vacate?" What are the rules to have your record "sealed"? Anyone who has been convicted of a crime has faced the serious problem of their conviction showing up on a records check when applying for a job...

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Why Talking To The Police After Arrest Is Always A Bad Idea

If you think you are a suspect there is never a time when talking to the police is a good idea. They don't need a "rubber hose" to get you to incriminate yourself...just psychology. Don't lose your case before you are even charged. Contact us at 206.467.5987. How...

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When Is A Facebook Friend Not A Friend?

When is a Facebook friend not a friend? Under some laws your mere presence near an event can result in serious charges. We recall a case where an intricate theory was made by the police against a young man based on the "friends" on his Facebook page. People he had...

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Forfeiture Laws Are Flawed

Forfeiture laws are flawed. Call us to get help protecting your rights if you have had assets seized by the state or federal government. Espada Law Firm can help you if there is a seizure or threat of seizure. Call 206.467.5987. Read about the state of forfeiture...

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Historia exitosa

¡Caso desestimado y cargos botados!

Cargos por armas de fuego

Nuestro cliente fue acusado de golpear a un individuo en la cara con un machete. Los testigos declararon que podían escuchar el chasquido del machete contra la cara de la víctima. Sin embargo, los cargos fueron desestimados y nuestro cliente se fue sin ninguna condena ni sentencia por el incidente.